‘Irresponsible’ budget leaks, huh?

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff leaves after speaking to the Canadian Club of Canada and the Empire Club of Canada in Toronto on Friday. (Nathan Denette/Canadian Press)

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff leaves after speaking to the Canadian Club of Canada and the Empire Club of Canada in Toronto on Friday. (Nathan Denette/Canadian Press)

CBC: Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff accused Prime Minister Stephen Harper of playing political games on Friday, calling the leaking of information from next week’s federal budget a deliberate attempt “to get the bad news out of the way.”

Okay, umm so holding back on telling Canadians how it is and what’s going on is a bad thing now?  Wasn’t that something the opposition criticized the prime minister and his government for?  Like say, in the last election?  For supposedly not telling it like it is?  And now Ignatieff says that Mr. Harper is playing political games, and hurting Canadians?

Well maybe Iggy doesn’t see consulting and talking with Canadians as a good thing.  But wait…

Wasn’t that the ‘reason’ behind the Liberal-NDP-Bloc Coalition? – Because the big bad conservative government wasn’t listening and thinking about Canadians and doing what was best for them?

I know, I’m asking a lot of questions.  But the opposition parties, who so readily talk about how bad this government is, they aren’t giving any answers beyond the party lines of what they will do better and why the a government headed by Stephen Harper isn’t working.

The opposition says they want to work and put partisan issues aside, work for Canadians – but 14 days after an election, after the Conservative Party winsre-election… stronger than before!  The Liberals and the NDP get into bed with the Bloc and basically say, “It doesn’t matter, they shouldn’t be in power.”

So the PM takes it to the Governor General.  And she says take a break, work on a new budget, with the other parties and then come back and try and make it work. 

So that’s what Harper is doing, what he’s been doing ever since.  He’s consulted with the opposition leaders, with provincial and territorial leaders, and most importantly, he has asked ordinary Canadians what they want and what they feel is needed in this budget.

All the while the NDP leader and the Bloc leader have pretty much said, “Well they are Conservatives and you can’t work with conservatives so we wont even try.”  And Michael Ignatieff, who never really publicly supported a coalition, yet signed on for one  has since ascended to Leader of the Opposition and ever since has been flipping and flopping on whether or not there will be one.

So I ask again: Who is playing politics here?  PM Harper is manipulating things – PM Harper is being irresponsible – PM Harper isn’t trying.  Doesn’t sound right to me. 

Harper hasn’t said he wont work with others, he has said he will, and he has!  He said he would talk to Canadians, and he has!  

Why is Iggy so upset about this ‘leak’?  Is he scared that Canadians may like what is being done and what is being put into the budget before he can vote it down?

I respect parliamentary tradition. But in this case, I feel that keeping Canadians in the loop on what’s going on and what the plan is, that’s a good thing. That way the opposition and the groups that may be critical of the beget cant be.

As far as the possible $64-billion deficit, that’s only because the government is giving the Liberals what they said was needed and what they pushed to have. And now that’s not good enough. Now that’s too costly, and dangerous to the Canadian economy. But they didn’t like the small surplus the Conservatives predicted for the next fiscal year in the economic update, with little ‘stimulus’. Then Liberals said that more ‘stimulus’ was needed, but now that they get it, that’s too risky, according to Ignatieff.

Final thought:

And I’ve said this before: I have a feeling that you could give these people the Moon, because they say that they want it, and then they would demand Mars and Jupiter too!  It’s not that the government isn’t doing enough. It’s just that the opposition will always say they want more.


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