Consider This…

I just want to repeat something I read on a blog recently.

  • When a Liberal says something is bad for say, the economy – it usually means that it is bad for the Liberals, politically.
  • When a Conservative does something – anything, really, a Liberal will say it is bad because… well, because a conservative did it!

It goes back to what I said here. It doesn’t matter what the Conservatives do, they’ll be opposed simply because of partisan politics. It doesn’t matter what their policies are. They’ll oppose the good, just as much, if not more than the bad ones!

I was going to say that was scary. But it’s just sad.

At least the US has it right. Republicans and Democrats, these days, seem to be putting respective party policies aside and working tother to help their country. It’s not even about policy anymore. It’s about survival.

I’m just sorry the Canadian Opposition parties; who are endlessly stuck on opposing, don’t want Canada to prosper and get through this global crisis.


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