Peace from Jack and Gilles? – but for how long?

I just want to branch off from a posting of Chuckercanuck’s if I may.  Because I feel it is a good point.  But there’s something that wasn’t considered.

Firstly I just want to say I would love Prime Minister Harper to reign over this economic instability and be there when we come out on top.  It’s no secret that the Liberals are scared, they see the writing on the wall!  And they want to be one ones to take all the credit and all the glory, to say it was all on them – They love taking credit where it isn’t due.  And I agree that the Bloc and NDP don’t want an election for fear of losing ground gained in October.

BUT (and here’s my addition) as the economy recovers, how long will it be in their interests to not fight the PM and the government? – They don’t want the Conservatives to look good as much as the Liberals do! – If not even more so.

So while Jack and Gilles, for fear of an election may back off for now…  The question is: How long until they become as scared as the Liberals are now?


One Response to Peace from Jack and Gilles? – but for how long?

  1. The only way that all three parties would agree to take down the Harper government is if they all saw it in each of their best interests.

    Right now, the NDP is tanking and the Bloc and the Liberals are duking it out in Quebec.

    Unless they try another coalition, I don’t see it happening.

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