Dion 2.0?


According to The Globe and Mail:

Having built up employment insurance reform as the single issue that avoided a summer election, Liberals now say it’s not an issue worthy of triggering a vote in the fall.

Even as a Conservative, I could respect this news a lot more if Michael Ignatieff and the Liberals hadn’t made such a big issue out of EI reform in the first place. Not that long ago, according to them, it was so badly needed that they were ready to call an election! 

What has changed?

They caved!

I thought Iggy was supposed to be a different kind of leader than Stéphane Dion.  But it would appear that where the rubber meets the road, MI is just Dion v2.0: The English Version!



4 Responses to Dion 2.0?

  1. Grant says:

    So……..yet ANOTHER hill the that the Liberals are climbing down from, eh? Heh. Not surprising in the least.

    It looks like the Liberals aren’t so keen on the fight for EI afterall. The PM made Ignatieff look like a backpeddling fool in June. Now he is doing it again. The NDP’s running count of how many times Dion/Ignatieff and the Liberals have supported the Tories is going to add one more to their tally. The NDP once again get to crow about being the REAL Opposition. The NDP, are so going to eat the Liberals alive over this one. That being so, If Layton were shrewd, he would do a deal with Harper now over EI while the Liberals are dithering. Not only would he get to claim credit the other way as the real Opposition Leader for making Parliament work while Ignatieff stumbles around, but Harper would shine for having put this issue to bed without the ineffective Liberals.

    And as an aside, the time keeps ticking as the Senate vacancies keep creeping up that end up being filled by the Tories. Has anyone seen the party numbers for Senators lately? Its getting pretty close. How much more time are the Liberals going to give the Tories to get a Senate majority? I would NOT want to be Ignatieff during this Liberal caucus meeting in Sudbury. The Liberal election hawks are going to scavenge whatever is left of Ignatieff after the NDP is done with him. Dion v. 2.0 indeed.

  2. I love your choice of pics!

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