PM more concerned about God’s verdict

Stephen Harper, his wife Laureen, daughter Rachel and son Ben wave from the top of the stairs before boarding their plane in Calgary on Oct. 15, 2008.
Stephen Harper, his wife Laureen, daughter Rachel and son Ben wave from the top of the stairs before boarding their plane in Calgary on Oct. 15, 2008.

‘God’s verdict’ outranks history’s, PM says

On this comment, I would agree 100 percent with the Prime Minister. In the end, that is all that really matters – God’s opinion of you. Because, well when you die; polls, pundits, politics – It isn’t going to amount to anything up there what any man or woman thinks.

I liked the article for its insight into Stephen Harper on a more personal level. But what really got my attention were the comments from the readers.

“To be honest with you, I am a lot more concerned by God’s verdict regarding my life than the one of historians,” the Prime Minister said with a laugh, according to the article.

From that response you get comments calling into question his faith. From talking about his family you get people saying he’s fake, or the entire thing was planned, even comments like, “He didn’t talk about his wife enough!”

First of all, as a Christian, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and my Lord and saviour. And more to the point, that God can judge me for what I am, what I do, or what I believe. I’m not into theology, and I don’t claim to know the bible word for word but I do know that it says that people are not to judge others. It says that is for God alone.

So when I see people saying that “Harper isn’t a Christian,” or “He doesn’t actually believe that…” I have to say to those people: You must’ve really missed the point, huh?

I can’t say what the man believes in any more than anybody else as far as their real faith. And I certainly can’t say he isn’t a Christian. In the end, the only ones that know are the Prime Minister and God.

Also, what troubles me are the comments regarding President Bush, because he said he was doing God’s work at one time or maybe more. If that is true or not I can’t really say. In my view, as I believe everything happens under God, he probably was, at least in that sense. To the point of Mr. Harper – he has never said anything like that (at least not to my knowledge anyway). So comparing the two on their displays of faith is totally and utterly absurd.

If you want to call a person or politician on their actions that’s one thing, we all have that right, the right to question or talk about our elected officials and their policies. However, saying a man doesn’t care about his family or that he isn’t a Christian is not our concern! Especially if we don’t like the man’s political views!

It’s a shame that more people didn’t take in what the PM said about letting God be the judge. I know he was talking in a different context and not about people judging him personally, but I think it translates well in both cases.


6 Responses to PM more concerned about God’s verdict

  1. Agent Smith says:

    I’m glad he holds himself to a higer authority than the day to day machinations of man’s feeble ambitions. PMSH the best PM in 50 years at least.

  2. Jay says:

    Best PM ever.

  3. fernstalbert says:

    How the MSM cringe. A politician who dares to be humble and to live his personal life with integrity. PM Harper strives to be loyal and faithful to his core beliefs and this is a problem? Let me see, we have Chirac of France, Berlusconi of Italy, John Edwards and Mark Sanford of the USA, etc. Fine examples of politicians with the morals of pond scum. I’d rather have PM Harper anyday. Cheers.

  4. Enkidu says:

    If people object to Bush saying at one time or another that he ‘was doing God’s work’, what to they think of Obamalamadingdong saying that He is god’s partner in ‘deciding life and death issues’.

  5. Ti-Guy says:

    “Render onto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, etc. etc.”

    Repent, you pre-Chhistian primitives.

  6. Steven Blake says:

    Great to know that the PM believes religion should be the basis of his choices!

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