Yet another journey into the Liberal mindset!

September 19, 2009

So Michael Ignatieff was at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo today talking to some Young Liberals and other supporters. 

Karen Redman, former Liberal Whip and MP for Kitchener Centre was there too, as was Andrew Telegdi, formally MP for Kitchener-Waterloo.  Joining the two veteran Liberals with their Leader was Teresa Huegle.  Teresa is the recently chosen Liberal Candidate for Kitchener-Conestoga.

The Liberal mindset…  I gotta say that I am amazed by it actually.  And not because it is anything great and wonderful but because it just seems so simplistic!

Talking to a Young Liberal outside from where Iggy was, I happened to ask them why they would support Michael Ignatieff, just based on his policy.  I specifically asked this because he [Ignatieff] has yet to really say anything concrete other than, “We will not be like Stephen Harper!”  When I pointed this out to the person they looked at me and said something like Ignatieff “recognizes that we (Canada) need to do things differently”  So I asked what actually needs changing, and how would Michael change things, you know a pretty basic question…  The Young Liberal couldn’t answer me, and while I didn’t really expect an answer, I would have actually welcomed something more than: “Well, he knows there has to be change.” 

I guess my point is that is nothing new!  Political parties in opposition everywhere run on doing things differently and making changes, right? – It’s just that most say HOW they plan to do it!  Most will try and differentiate themselves from another party by giving valid reasons on what makes them different!  “We can do better.” – That is just a slogan, the Liberals and their leader still haven’t backed it up! 

I can understand being partisan, and I can’t really object, because I still have my moments.  But the Conservatives, the NDP, and even the Bloc and Greens all have platforms and stances.  So the supporters have something to actually get behind, and at least they have a cause to trumpet!  What is the Liberal cause?

On a related note:

I was in St. Paul’s the other day for the by election.  PC candidate Sue-Ann Levy came in second to now Liberal MPP Eric Hoskins.  The vote came down to Levy winning 28% of the vote to Hoskins’ 47%.  There was a clear winner – there is no doubt about it!  But I still ask why!  Hoskins didn’t really seem to campaign, he missed the debates, he wasn’t active in the riding really at all, and he doesn’t even live there!  Yet, he still won by 19% of the vote.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that it would be nice to see people vote for a person before a party.  I understand the predisposition for some to vote Liberal, NDP or Conservative.  However, I wish that people would look at the real issues as well as the person whom they are voting for or who they choose to rally behind. 

Maybe that’s too much to ask?


So it’s back to school after the “Summer of Scandal” for the Ontario Liberals

September 16, 2009

CTV Toronto:  Opposition teeing off on the McGuinty government

The Tories and NDP were demanding answers from the McGuinty government for what they term the ‘summer of scandal.’ Paul Bliss reports.

Watch the report Here

Go get ’em Mr. Hudak!

Is is really just a racial thing, Jimmy?

September 16, 2009

Are there people out there that dislike President Obama because he’s black? – Yes, I’m sure there are!

Are there people out there that LIKE him because he’s black? – Yes, I’m sure of that too!

However, rather than just pointing out the idiotic neo-Nazi type groups that are against Obama…  How about showing the groups, organizations and individuals that DISAGREE with the US President based on his policy or positions!

Issues such as:

– Healthcare

– Afghanistan

– Handling of the Economy

– Democrats and their move towards Protectionism

To dismiss this oppsition as just racism is not fair to those individuals (Republicans, Democrats, and Independents or non-voters) that disagree with Mr. Obama’s views and actions, and in fact could care less about his skin colour!

Will he triumph despite the fact people are racist?  No, because people have their views based on race (doesn’t matter if they are wrong) and that will always be the case!  The same can be said about his policies!  People will always disagree, rightly or wrongly!

So the question is….

September 13, 2009

…What does Jack really want and think?

Fall election not inevitable, Layton says

NDP Leader Jack Layton says he doesn’t believe an election is inevitable, despite speculation that a non-confidence vote next week could topple the Conservative government.

Layton said Saturday he would prefer that the parties work together on Employment Insurance reform, a job-creation plan, help for the elderly and consumer protections.

“We’ll side with the Canadian people, that’s who we’ll side with,” Layton told CTV News Channel on Saturday. “And I guess I’m looking for results for Canadians. And I’m not ready to say that an election is somehow inevitable. We should be trying to make Parliament work.”

Layton called on the party leaders to “put some of these partisan considerations — the focus on how many seats you’ve got, how large your caucus is, and so on — aside and instead get results for people that are in need.”

So Mr. Layton says that he wants to make Parliament work and wants what Canadians want – if that was true, I’d say he was being very noble.  However, I’d ask Jack that if that actually was the case, why wait until now to make such an attempt?

Layton and his MPs have gone on and on about how they haven’t supported Harper’s government in the House of Commons at all and yet the man talks about wanting what Canadians want?

Yeah, OK Jack, Canadians really want elected officials sitting with their thumbs up their butts and getting paid for it…Not!

Do Canadians want NDP-style EI reform?  No, they don’t and that’s pretty well known by everyone but Jack and his members!

The reason Jack Layton doesn’t want to see an election is because out of the Conservatives, the Liberals and even the Bloc Quebecois, Jack and his party probably stand to lose the most seats out of the whole thing. 

It isn’t that he suddenly cares what Canadians want.  It is only that he cares about what he can keep now and possibly gain later.

All that being said, if the Prime Minister and Layton do end up working on a deal, I hope to God that Mr. Harper makes Jack bend a lot, because I don’t think Jacko would make too much of a fuss about making concessions at this point, really! 

At least not in private anyway…

Adler to Iggy: “If you can write twenty books, why can’t you write one friggin’ pamphlet?”

September 11, 2009

I’ve said a good many times before that I am a fan of Charles Adler, and I’ll say it again tonight. 

With his “Letter” to Iggy, Adler totally calls the Count out on everything from: the man’s self-love, his real opinions and lack of understanding about Canadians; as well as his acceptance of a Coalition, and much more. 

Dear MichaelBy Charles Adler


Charles Adler (broadcaster)


Also you can listen to Charles read his letter at – Just click “Dear Michael – Part One” and “Dear Michael – Part Two” on the media player located at the right hand side on the main page! 

9/11 Remembered: My Story

September 11, 2009

9-11 remember

September 11th, 2001:

I was aboard a plane that was taking a group of 200+ special needs children to Disney World in Florida.  The trip was supposed to be maybe 12 hours?  I can’t really recall that detail, strangely enough.  All I know is that we were supposed to fly there have a fun filled day in the land of Walt Disney, and then fly back home – Well things didn’t go as planned.

I was 12 at the time so I didn’t really take notice of everything around me, or the exact time that we took off.  I know it was well before the towers fell though, and I heard later on that we were actually in the air as events were unfolding in New York, and quite possibly Washington as well.  I recall hearing someone mention Washington, but I didn’t really take notice until after, when I started piecing the events together in my mind that I recalled hearing something about Washington.

It wasn’t until after we landed that we were told about the attacks.  Disney World had been closed down, for fear that it may be a target, no one knew what else might be attacked next, really, or if they had really stopped.

US airspace had been closed and there was no way we were getting on a plane and just heading back to Canada.  As I said before, this was supposed to be a short, day-long trip.  We didn’t have extra clothes, or anything like that, and we didn’t even have anywhere to stay!

After what seemed like hours on a tour bus, we were all booked rooms along with our chaperones (I think they were Rotarians?) at a Radisson, thank God for that.  Now some kids on this trip were quite severely physically and mentally challenged.  Many required special medication, or even something as simple as extra diapers or extra clothing, because they only had enough to last a few hours.

I’m not quite sure what channels the organizers had to go through, but the kids in need got the medications they required, and all was well on that front after a few hours it seemed. 

That first night, I remember watching the news and crying myself to sleep unsure of just about everything.  Here I was, a 12 year old kid stuck in another country without my parents, without knowing what was going to happen, if I was ever going to see home again or if there was going to be another terrorist attack, and if I was going to die.

K-Mart came to the rescue and donated a bunch of clothing and other necessary essentials – I think that was one the 12th.  Over the days that we were stuck at the hotel we had Disney characters come in, we had boy scouts come and play with us, a church choir came in to sing to us, I mean I guess it was fun in a way. 

We even had off duty or plain-cloches police officers around the hotel and around us – to this day I’m not sure if it was just for companionship or security reasons.  I went touring around the hotel and ate dinner with two officers, at the time I thought that was really neat.  When I was younger, I’d always wished I could grow up and become a cop, so that’s probably why it was so much fun for me.

All fun moments aside, at the end of each day I just watched more news and wanted to get home so badly.  I was always a smart kid, took notice of a lot and was very bright.  So it was hard to keep anything from me, I knew what I saw and heard and unlike the children with developmental disabilities, I knew what was going on and was very concerned.  

Needless to say, we eventually made it home after a few days of being stranded.  I was told that our flight was one of the first out after they re-opened US airspace and that we had an escort on our wing until we got back into the Canadian skies.

I know my story isn’t near like what the families of victims and emergency or military personnel experienced, but for me, I’ll always have a connection to 9/11 and especially to Americans that felt scared and helpless after those cowardly and evil attacks.  I felt their pain and their fear for those days I was stranded. 

I will always be grateful for the kindness that was shown to me and my group by strangers even when their own world must have seemed so upside down and scary.


September 10, 2009

I’ll admit, when I posted started the topic on the BT Forums I was a bit concerned, mainly because I’d watched all the left-leaning posters come out in full force on the CBC website or even Twitter and I immediately thought the worst.

Then I watched the video – And then I looked at the comments saying how the Prime Minister hated homosexuals, and women -That it was somehow proven fact by this video that was recorded.

So I watched the video again. And you know what, I didn’t notice the references mentioned above from those people who were so eager to call Prime Minister Harper out for being so socially intolerant, sexist and whatever else.

Okay, okay, so he mentioned the Bloc as Separatists! In the context of them having a say in a possible Coalition. But come on, he’s the Prime Minister of CANADA! Is Separatist such a taboo word that it can’t be mentioned?

Why would anyone, Liberal, NDP, or even Green make a deal to run a government with a Separatist Party (whose goal is to leave Canada!) having any powers as far as governing the Nation that they don’t even want to be apart of?

Did he talk about the NDP and the Liberals? Yes, he did.

Did he talk about Conservative Party policies? Yes, he did!

Did he talk about what he felt, both as the Leader of the CPC AND as the Head of the Federal Government? Yes, he did!

Did he talk about the Governments accomplishments versus what was stalled by the Opposition? Yes, he did!

Left-wingers want Canadians to believe that this is so bad.  Is it,really?

Jack Layton goes on and on how he can’t dare to and won’t support anything that the Conservatives put out! – That seems pretty bad to me. But, I guess that’s OK because he’s not a Conservative, so that’s allowed. NDPers go on about evil Conservative, pro-capitalist policies, but that’s OK too…

Harper mentions what the Government has done despite immovable opposition!  The man says he wants to be able to get back to balanced budgets, have tougher crime legislation, less stall tactics in the Senate, changes to the court system to help the real victims, he talks about the gun registry, wanting a strong, useful military to protect this country!  Normal, everyday issues among other perfectly LEGITIMATE issues!

The PM is talking to Conservative Party supporters who want to see conservative policy!  How is that different from any other party leader when they speak to a group of their membership?

At least Harper is talking POLICY and PROGRESS!

The Liberal Leader, all he says is that the Liberals are better!  Yet, he won’t say why – even to his supporters, MPs and Senators! 

The Liberals “Can do better?” 

OK – How?  They’ve had since at least November 12th 2008 to start explaining!  So far, nothing…

Don’t slam Mr. Harper because he’s the only one who talks about getting the job done, or wanting to do things, and that he actually explains HOW and WHY!