Why do I support a Majority?

Why do I support Stephen Harper and a Tory Majority?

I recently had a pretty well one-sided debate with someone over facebook in which they had taken issue with the Conservative Party of Canada and its supporters showing outrage at the possibility of $300 Million dollar election, when in fact there is a 50 billion dollar deficit on the federal books.

Now, at first my reaction was to say, “When the alternative is the Liberal Party, and their appointed American leader, yes, you’re damn right it is an outrage.” – That was a bit of a partisan shot, I admit. However I continued: “If Iggy had gotten his way, the deficit would be a lot higher (regardless of what he says now, he was pushing for more not that long ago…) and we’d have more to complain about!” – There was nothing partisan with that comment, and I recall watching the news and reading articles that orchestrated that fact very clearly.

First, the government wasn’t doing enough. They weren’t listening to Canadians, according to Iggy and the Liberal Party on stimulus and other matters. Then the mood changed after a while. You see, after talking with the Liberals, and giving in to their demands, it was suddenly too much! First there wasn’t enough stimulus! Then according to the very same people who had just whined for more, it was all too much!

Am I happy with the deficit? No. But there had to be compromise. That’s the price of power with a minority.

Hey let’s talk about minority governments for a second, okay?

And this is also what I gave as my reasoning in my facebook debate as well:

“In my opinion, minority governments always have issues like these, where all parties are forced to make concessions, and it is usually the ruling party that has to bend. Unfortunately in Canada’s case these days, when you have a Conservative-led government, along with THREE left-wing opposition parties that try and block everything at every turn based on their ideology, or even just because they feel the need to stomp all over anything right-leaning that they can… Well, you’ll be stuck.”

Well, ladies and gentlemen, what are you going to do? Fall on your sword every time? Or are you going to concede what you can and try to make the best of it?

Liberal minorities of the past didn’t have this problem every year! Why?

Because they managed better?

Because they were nicer, and not evil like the Big Bad Nasty Conservatives?

No. The Liberals and the NDP compromised easily on a lot of issues only because they aren’t all that different, so it was never a big stretch. And they could toss the Bloc a bone every now and then to please the Quebec faction, and maybe bleed a few votes out of it while saving their own asses if the Dippers AND Conservatives happened to be on their tail at once.

When you are the lone party on the right – Right or Wrong – It’s an uphill battle. When you are running a minority government, God help you, because the opposing parties will try and get you to break your back!

So, why do I support Stephen Harper and a Tory Majority?

Because I’m sick of comprising our principles! I’m sick of always seeing the Conservatives made to be the bad guys, when really it is the opposition that holds the keys of power and threaten elections! Saying either the government compromises, or they risk an election!

I realize not everyone is going to agree, and I realize how minorities work, but the thing is… Having to compromise on EVERYTHING? That’s not fair to Conservative voters, or to the politicians that represent us! Especially when they are the ones in Government!

I applaud the government for what they have done despite the constant threats and attacks. However, if this is going to be the normal thing for years to come, then I say bring on a blue majority!


2 Responses to Why do I support a Majority?

  1. revanche says:

    Fifty years from now, when the history books evaluate the 2008 budget, it will be a text book minority budget, nothing more, nothing less.

    Partisans love to twist these things into impossible pretzels, but at the end of the day we have only what is politically possible at any time in our system of government.

    I too desire a conservative majority because they have proven themselves to be a competent, pragmatic and nationally focussed government. I have neither the desire for a purely partisan government nor a regionally skewed one.

    There is only one party that can deliver that: the CPC. Personally, I am happy when government doesn’t presume to build Canada when the truth is Canadians do.

    By all means tinker around the edges and help us do our work, but Canada belongs to Canadians. Liberals do not understand that.

  2. Andrew says:

    Meh. There’s no real difference between Harper and Ignatieff. Both are about the same on foreign policy. And on everything else their convictions last for about as long as they can get away with. I’ve been supporting the conservatives for the last ten years in one form or another. But after the budget and GM I’ve totally written off Harper as a force for positive change in the country. I doubt he would change considerably even if he were to get his majority. And let’s face it, he never will unless the Bloc magically disappears.

    I’ve worked my butt off for the party in the last three elections. This time I will hold my nose and vote CPC because I can’t stand my local Liberal MP, but I won’t give them a cent, go out to any events or do any volunteer work. Nor will I care all that much about the outcome.

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