I AM Canadian!

He’s Canadian! (And an actor, but still!)

These people are Canadian!

Even Captain Kirk is Canadian!

What about…

Not a Canadian


Michael Ignatieff: NOT CANADIAN!


9 Responses to I AM Canadian!

  1. Hunter says:

    Very, very interesting find! That last video is very revealing especially in comparison with the other videos.

    Really great job!

  2. cantuc says:

    So when he was in the USA , talking down at them like that , even going so far as to use five letter words in a couple of instances , did he EVER ? mention he was Canadian ? I mean if some foreigner ever tried telling me how to be a fine upstanding citizen of Canada , I think I might have to explain a few things to him . I wonder if there were any boot prints on his ass when he left Haaaahvahd ?

  3. jckirlan says:

    I have to say that the Left are such hypocrites. They can’t stand that that America is our natural ally, best friend and greatest trading partner and vilify Conservatives for any connection with America or American policy.
    But when something this flagrant rears its head they look the other way. The Liberals and the left realy do have a mental disease. Something is wrong with their logic and ability to think. They have a self destruct gene.

  4. Excellent post, David. Thanks for doing all that digging!

  5. […] Yes, morale would certainly be an issue. Especially when you’re not only demoralized by scandals at the provincial level, but also having to defend your federal counterpart’s lies habit of being economical with the truth, and defending your unelected leader’s dream of becoming a Canadian Prime Minister. […]

  6. Bec says:

    You did a terrific job revving up my patriotic, rah rah, sis boom bah……until that unfortunate…last little bit.

    It just seems, how do you say it? OUT OF PLACE?

    Fabulous job!!

  7. xanthippa says:

    The Liberals tell us that when we criticize Count Ignatieff’s behaviour outside of Canada, we are being small-minded and just plain country bumpkins….and that we are wronging each and every Canadian who has made a success of themselves outside of Canada!

    Well, well, well!

    I love how you have contrasted the humorous – yet fiercly patriotic – speech by Shatner: a Canadian who is STILL living in California, yet who leaves no doubt about who and what he is, and the pompous and patronizing ‘this land is as much mine as it is yours’ and ‘we, Americans’ boasting, ‘our [American] founding fathers’ touting rant by Count Ignatieff… the chameleon who changes personnas, alegiences and ‘core views’ frequently!

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