I’ll admit, when I posted started the topic on the BT Forums I was a bit concerned, mainly because I’d watched all the left-leaning posters come out in full force on the CBC website or even Twitter and I immediately thought the worst.

Then I watched the video – And then I looked at the comments saying how the Prime Minister hated homosexuals, and women -That it was somehow proven fact by this video that was recorded.

So I watched the video again. And you know what, I didn’t notice the references mentioned above from those people who were so eager to call Prime Minister Harper out for being so socially intolerant, sexist and whatever else.

Okay, okay, so he mentioned the Bloc as Separatists! In the context of them having a say in a possible Coalition. But come on, he’s the Prime Minister of CANADA! Is Separatist such a taboo word that it can’t be mentioned?

Why would anyone, Liberal, NDP, or even Green make a deal to run a government with a Separatist Party (whose goal is to leave Canada!) having any powers as far as governing the Nation that they don’t even want to be apart of?

Did he talk about the NDP and the Liberals? Yes, he did.

Did he talk about Conservative Party policies? Yes, he did!

Did he talk about what he felt, both as the Leader of the CPC AND as the Head of the Federal Government? Yes, he did!

Did he talk about the Governments accomplishments versus what was stalled by the Opposition? Yes, he did!

Left-wingers want Canadians to believe that this is so bad.  Is it,really?

Jack Layton goes on and on how he can’t dare to and won’t support anything that the Conservatives put out! – That seems pretty bad to me. But, I guess that’s OK because he’s not a Conservative, so that’s allowed. NDPers go on about evil Conservative, pro-capitalist policies, but that’s OK too…

Harper mentions what the Government has done despite immovable opposition!  The man says he wants to be able to get back to balanced budgets, have tougher crime legislation, less stall tactics in the Senate, changes to the court system to help the real victims, he talks about the gun registry, wanting a strong, useful military to protect this country!  Normal, everyday issues among other perfectly LEGITIMATE issues!

The PM is talking to Conservative Party supporters who want to see conservative policy!  How is that different from any other party leader when they speak to a group of their membership?

At least Harper is talking POLICY and PROGRESS!

The Liberal Leader, all he says is that the Liberals are better!  Yet, he won’t say why – even to his supporters, MPs and Senators! 

The Liberals “Can do better?” 

OK – How?  They’ve had since at least November 12th 2008 to start explaining!  So far, nothing…

Don’t slam Mr. Harper because he’s the only one who talks about getting the job done, or wanting to do things, and that he actually explains HOW and WHY!



  1. Lycan Stark says:

    *YAWN* I find the filming of this rather………convenient. Of course the Liberals are going to go bananas, saying that this is evidence of Stephen Harper’s “hidden agenda”. Its what they do. Its all they EVER do. Watch how desperatley the Liberals latch on to this “scandal” in light of their “leaders” fumbling around.

    The gall! Wanting to head a majority government after an unwanted election because he thinks a coalition with seperatists and a left wing party won’t be good. Wanting to get rid of the gun registry in its entirety! OMIGOD OMIGOD OMIGOD THE HOORRRRRRRORORORROROR!

    CBC makes it sound as if this person videotaping is blowing the whistle on the Conservatives for something. Wow, isn’t THAT a surprise? Big deal, Harper is getting together with partisan supporters to prepare for an unwanted election that the Liberals want to force on the Canadian public. Who filmed this, Sherlock Holmes?

    I for one, am glad that the Prime Minister is playing to his base, which is something the Liberals NEVER did or do now, I’m sure. Its about damned time.

  2. Grant says:

    Obviously, Liberals believe that only the Liberals are entitled to a majority – ever.

  3. Fay says:

    CBC working for the Liberal Party. What else is new?

  4. William In Ajax says:

    Liberals can do better..!
    If they had only listened to Chretien, we would never have heard of Ad-Scam.
    Next time,
    It’s true, (less money will go missing) only because we won’t hear about it!

  5. MariaS says:

    I liked everything that our PM said and I agree with his views completely. We need a majority.

  6. wilson says:

    Oh those sensitive separatists!
    They like their federalist gig soooooo much, they don’t want to admit who got them there.
    So no-one is ‘allowed’ to question the delicate ones.

    About time the BLOC was challenged on ‘do you still want to separate or have you finally concluded that Quebec is better served INSIDE Canada?’

    The BLOC has morphed into a provincial party on federal salaries and pensions.
    They should be embarrassed at how well they have UNITED Quebec with the ROC.

  7. Chuck says:

    P.M Harper only said he wanted to win and with a majority.All this is only Liberal “payback” for Bob (Death) Rae’s blatant lying on Dave Rutherford’s show last week where he denied everything that occurred last November with the coalition of the out of joint noses over their precious $1.95 per vote stipend which without all those rump parties would be out of business.Bring it on and give P.M Harper a majority.

  8. Matt says:

    He referred to “left wing fringe groups” using the Court Challenges Program he cancelled. Those groups include the disabled, Aboriginals, francophones and yes homosexuals. If there are any other left wing fringe groups out there being denied their rights, too bad they can’t have them in Harper’s Canada!

    Harper is a divider, he plays to base, intolerant instincts in people. If this speech turned you on, guess what, you’re right wing fringe!

    • David says:


      I think you are reading a lot into the phrase ‘fringe group’. And speaking as a person with a physical disability, I take issue with your comment as to the disabled. You are implying that a person with a disability is not welcome in the Conservative Party or that some how that Conservative policy would discriminate. – That’s wrong.

      I know homosexual Conservatives, female Conservatives, francophone Conservatives and yes, even those with disabilities. So I think before you go off on what Harper said, you should have proof! Left-wing ‘fringe group’ doesn’t apply to someone that is not: English-speaking, straight, male or able bodied.

  9. Jan Webb says:

    The “secret” video was made by Justin Tretault, a member of the Young Liberals and then given to the CBC on the advice of other Liberals. Justin was invited to the rally by a Conservative party member.
    The rest is history. It is a joke how CBC and the left-leaning MSM have made this into some sort of “scandal” –how pathetic!

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