Adler to Iggy: “If you can write twenty books, why can’t you write one friggin’ pamphlet?”

I’ve said a good many times before that I am a fan of Charles Adler, and I’ll say it again tonight. 

With his “Letter” to Iggy, Adler totally calls the Count out on everything from: the man’s self-love, his real opinions and lack of understanding about Canadians; as well as his acceptance of a Coalition, and much more. 

Dear MichaelBy Charles Adler


Charles Adler (broadcaster)


Also you can listen to Charles read his letter at – Just click “Dear Michael – Part One” and “Dear Michael – Part Two” on the media player located at the right hand side on the main page! 


3 Responses to Adler to Iggy: “If you can write twenty books, why can’t you write one friggin’ pamphlet?”

  1. goodie says:

    I agree the letter is great!

  2. Bec says:

    I heard it today, tagged on to his poignant 9/11 memorial and I was blown away.
    Charles, just keeps getting better and better at nailing the defining issues that have the potential to divide this country.
    Michael Ignatieff, personifies what is so terribly wrong with the Liberal party. He is one person, whose entire demeanor, singularly represents the cancer that flows through the party from the top, down and through to their personal msm.

    Charles, sees it all for what it really is and applies his astonishing communication skills to convey what we are all thinking and wish we could say. He does it for Canada and thank God Canada has him because he does it like nobody else.

  3. Fay says:

    I am a big fan of Charles Adler. He is a Canadian that truly loves this country. I thank him for the honest assessment of Iggy and the Liberals best friends the CBC.

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