So the question is….

…What does Jack really want and think?

Fall election not inevitable, Layton says

NDP Leader Jack Layton says he doesn’t believe an election is inevitable, despite speculation that a non-confidence vote next week could topple the Conservative government.

Layton said Saturday he would prefer that the parties work together on Employment Insurance reform, a job-creation plan, help for the elderly and consumer protections.

“We’ll side with the Canadian people, that’s who we’ll side with,” Layton told CTV News Channel on Saturday. “And I guess I’m looking for results for Canadians. And I’m not ready to say that an election is somehow inevitable. We should be trying to make Parliament work.”

Layton called on the party leaders to “put some of these partisan considerations — the focus on how many seats you’ve got, how large your caucus is, and so on — aside and instead get results for people that are in need.”

So Mr. Layton says that he wants to make Parliament work and wants what Canadians want – if that was true, I’d say he was being very noble.  However, I’d ask Jack that if that actually was the case, why wait until now to make such an attempt?

Layton and his MPs have gone on and on about how they haven’t supported Harper’s government in the House of Commons at all and yet the man talks about wanting what Canadians want?

Yeah, OK Jack, Canadians really want elected officials sitting with their thumbs up their butts and getting paid for it…Not!

Do Canadians want NDP-style EI reform?  No, they don’t and that’s pretty well known by everyone but Jack and his members!

The reason Jack Layton doesn’t want to see an election is because out of the Conservatives, the Liberals and even the Bloc Quebecois, Jack and his party probably stand to lose the most seats out of the whole thing. 

It isn’t that he suddenly cares what Canadians want.  It is only that he cares about what he can keep now and possibly gain later.

All that being said, if the Prime Minister and Layton do end up working on a deal, I hope to God that Mr. Harper makes Jack bend a lot, because I don’t think Jacko would make too much of a fuss about making concessions at this point, really! 

At least not in private anyway…


One Response to So the question is….

  1. wilson says:

    Jack wants to be infront of a camera,
    and to make his party relevent. Thats the game.

    But he keeps reattaching Dippers to the Liberal rump.
    Yet, there is no difference (even on the Khadr file, Libs left him in gitmo, tho they talk a good game now) between being relevent working with Cons or Libs.

    Cons are in government, 38% of Dipper’s seat are in Western Canada…..get relevent Jack.
    Iffy isn’t gonna give you that cabinet seat.

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