Is is really just a racial thing, Jimmy?

Are there people out there that dislike President Obama because he’s black? – Yes, I’m sure there are!

Are there people out there that LIKE him because he’s black? – Yes, I’m sure of that too!

However, rather than just pointing out the idiotic neo-Nazi type groups that are against Obama…  How about showing the groups, organizations and individuals that DISAGREE with the US President based on his policy or positions!

Issues such as:

– Healthcare

– Afghanistan

– Handling of the Economy

– Democrats and their move towards Protectionism

To dismiss this oppsition as just racism is not fair to those individuals (Republicans, Democrats, and Independents or non-voters) that disagree with Mr. Obama’s views and actions, and in fact could care less about his skin colour!

Will he triumph despite the fact people are racist?  No, because people have their views based on race (doesn’t matter if they are wrong) and that will always be the case!  The same can be said about his policies!  People will always disagree, rightly or wrongly!


4 Responses to Is is really just a racial thing, Jimmy?

  1. Bec says:

    As far as I’m concerned, this is reverse racism. Carter by using the race card paints every demonstrator with the same brush and tosses his own form of racism back at them.
    In the brief clip showing signs, I saw nothing racist. I interpreted the swastika signs intended meaning as, no freedom, no choices, a country under Obama’s complete control. I think it’s perfectly normal for these folks to feel that way, whether or not I agree or disagree but I don’t see it as racism. Besides, Obama is as much white which I noticed Carter, conveniently neglected to mention.

  2. Richard says:

    Iam sure it is written in stone somewhere that you never have a bad word to say about the ruling Democrats…even if they are caught with their hand in the cookie jar on tape with audio the MSM will find someway to play the race card because that is all that they have left….if you can’t play the race card then just don’t report it…example Charles Gibbson on ABC has not heard about the nasty dealings going on with ACORN but it seems that 3 or 4 offices around the country have been caught on tape showing undercover reporters getting illegial advice from said agency…Acorn said they have done nothing wrong but they fired the employees who were caught on tape….if they were’t wrong why fire them???

  3. real conservative says:

    The joke here is that probably three to one, people put Obama in office just because he is black. Yes, some people will have a problem with this but he in fact profited from racism it appears. (real conservative)

  4. Frances says:

    What about blacks who oppose the President – are they also racist? I find Mr Carter’s comment offensive and racist in itself, as it judges based on colour.

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