Yet another journey into the Liberal mindset!

So Michael Ignatieff was at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo today talking to some Young Liberals and other supporters. 

Karen Redman, former Liberal Whip and MP for Kitchener Centre was there too, as was Andrew Telegdi, formally MP for Kitchener-Waterloo.  Joining the two veteran Liberals with their Leader was Teresa Huegle.  Teresa is the recently chosen Liberal Candidate for Kitchener-Conestoga.

The Liberal mindset…  I gotta say that I am amazed by it actually.  And not because it is anything great and wonderful but because it just seems so simplistic!

Talking to a Young Liberal outside from where Iggy was, I happened to ask them why they would support Michael Ignatieff, just based on his policy.  I specifically asked this because he [Ignatieff] has yet to really say anything concrete other than, “We will not be like Stephen Harper!”  When I pointed this out to the person they looked at me and said something like Ignatieff “recognizes that we (Canada) need to do things differently”  So I asked what actually needs changing, and how would Michael change things, you know a pretty basic question…  The Young Liberal couldn’t answer me, and while I didn’t really expect an answer, I would have actually welcomed something more than: “Well, he knows there has to be change.” 

I guess my point is that is nothing new!  Political parties in opposition everywhere run on doing things differently and making changes, right? – It’s just that most say HOW they plan to do it!  Most will try and differentiate themselves from another party by giving valid reasons on what makes them different!  “We can do better.” – That is just a slogan, the Liberals and their leader still haven’t backed it up! 

I can understand being partisan, and I can’t really object, because I still have my moments.  But the Conservatives, the NDP, and even the Bloc and Greens all have platforms and stances.  So the supporters have something to actually get behind, and at least they have a cause to trumpet!  What is the Liberal cause?

On a related note:

I was in St. Paul’s the other day for the by election.  PC candidate Sue-Ann Levy came in second to now Liberal MPP Eric Hoskins.  The vote came down to Levy winning 28% of the vote to Hoskins’ 47%.  There was a clear winner – there is no doubt about it!  But I still ask why!  Hoskins didn’t really seem to campaign, he missed the debates, he wasn’t active in the riding really at all, and he doesn’t even live there!  Yet, he still won by 19% of the vote.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that it would be nice to see people vote for a person before a party.  I understand the predisposition for some to vote Liberal, NDP or Conservative.  However, I wish that people would look at the real issues as well as the person whom they are voting for or who they choose to rally behind. 

Maybe that’s too much to ask?


7 Responses to Yet another journey into the Liberal mindset!

  1. dave says:

    My son is a third year business student at WLU,busy actually doing that school thing and a member of CPC. Funny when I spoke to him tonight he really wanted to know if you can pork tenderloin in a slowcooker,could I spring for a new goalie stick , and holy moly the work load is everything and more than he was told. The students who zoned in on Iggy may be in a more comfortable degree program,the warm and fuzzy type,yet the MP from this riding is a CPC supported by a small but effective campus group. Support these students.

  2. TangoJuliette says:

    Teresa H.? Is she the owner of Angie’s Kitchen #1 and #2? If she is, our firm will be re-booking our Christmas parties and our regular get to-gethers.

  3. michael st paul's says:

    Voter turn out – 30%. S-A.L obviously did NOT excite all conservatives – I doubt if she even excited all Jewish voters. The Liberals got their vote out.

    Make no mistake however – the Liberals poured money into the election – lots of paper at the door – including a explanation of the HST that arrived less than 24 hours before the polls opened. The Liberals were certainly a little scared at the prospect of a loss. Of course “scared” isn’t good enough.

  4. Alberta Girl says:

    That’s the problem with the Liberal voter – you could put a donkey… monkey….er robot….er…well you get my drift, up as leader and it would still get votes.

    ‘my family has always voted Liberal’ is the reason.

  5. MaryT says:

    They used to say one could run a dog for the social credit in AB, and it would win.
    Years ago, my son and a couple of other grade 8s decided to test this out. Nomination papers were filed for someone seeking the nomination to run in the next election. Literature was mailed, door knocking was done, but the candidate never appeared. Some of the parents got into the act and support was great. No one else had announced yet.
    This went on for about a month, and it was promised that the candidate would be in the local parade in August.
    Imagine the shock, dismay, and about face his supporters did when, sure enough, a float with a dog with the candidates name went by.

  6. Sussannah says:

    Speaking of Ignatieff, have you seen this attack ad against him that popped up the other week?

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