Better keep pullin’ on them reins Igster!

I wonder what Mr. Ignatieff will do now that Liberal senators have stomped on the most recent piece of crime legislation?

Legislation that had already passed the House of Commons — and that Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff had supported.

OK, so he’ll probably do nothing.  But I’d give the guy credit if he came out in support of the original legislation, and at least offered an opinion that Liberal members in the Senate were mistaken.  That he thought the legislation was good as is.  I mean, he did vote in favour of it originally, right?  To change gears now well, that’d be a flip-flop!  Oh wait a second!

Seriously though, if Ruby Dhalla is expected (and is willing) to swear allegiance to her party, why would Iggy not tell the senators  in his caucus to toe the line as well?

I think already know the answer.  Maybe I’m just getting sick of being right about Iggy all the time? …


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