Rex Murphy weighs in on Climategate

Rex says it all!


7 Responses to Rex Murphy weighs in on Climategate

  1. Mississauga Tom says:

    Last night I went to bed in Universe Alpha. Today I awoke in Universe Omega. For a fortnight, two parallel universes have co-existed. In one, the stench Rex refers to didn’t exist. The CBC, the Toronto Star, The New York Times et alia acted as though climategate hadn’t happened. CBC’s ombudsperson sloughed off complaints with insulting boilerplate about too many stories to pick from.

    If privately owned media want to make themselves look irrelevant that’s their business. But when our bloated, biased, money-sucking CBC is allowed to ignore a story that needs to be told, then some heads should roll. But they won’t.

  2. Ishmael says:

    He says it all, all right – except that his interpretation is completely incorrect. The emails, if read in their entirety and interpreted by people who actually understand science, actually demonstrate NO conspiracy, NO real lack of consensus, NO controversy whatsoever.

    Read the real story here:

    • Pat says:

      Have you actually read the emails for yourself? Or are you just repeating the defense line fed to you by the people actually accused of it? Because I personally DID read the emails. And it is absolutely OBVIOUS that the in fact DID conspire to keep all opposing viewpoints OUT. And now are you also saying that it’s OKAY for them to have deleted the raw data on which their science stands? Really??? And what about all the emails discussing ways to keep the raw data OUT of thr critics hands, and how to prevent the raw data from being subject to FOI requests… and now all of a sudden… claiming that that same raw data they were discussing, never really existed because it was deleted?

      This smells MORE than fishy… it’s smells of complete fraud. But I guess we’ll never really know…since they “illegally” deleted it all. is the LAST place people should go for an IMPARTIAL point of view…
      Nuff said.

  3. The_Iceman says:

    Wow…I am moderately narcissistic, and I could never have expressed that thought the way Rex did! I am pleased that he is on the CBC.

  4. […] One of Rex Murphy’s best, IMHO.  (H/T Kitchener Conservative) […]

  5. Fred says:

    Finally someone at the CBC wakes up!

    “NO conspiracy, NO real lack of consensus, NO controversy” – now who’s a denier?

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