Afghanistan: Just waiting for 2011!

When you turn on the television, or read the news, if it isn’t about Climate Change and Copenhagen, or the implosions within the Liberal Party of Canada – you know it’s about Afghanistan!  Yesterday, it was calls for Peter Mackay’s resignation from Opposition MPs.

I’ve watched a lot of the testimony on CPAC regrading this Detainee issue and personally, I don’t believe that Canadian Soldiers acted inappropriately.  The same goes for the government.  And besides, as far as I can tell, if  Liberals want to make the current government wear any of this, they should get their share of it too.  However, I’m not looking to argue the case of anyone as far as this alleged torture is concerned.  Especially not when this whole thing started over what a captured (Taliban) detainee says happened to him!

… And Paul Dewar has the nerve to say that Peter Mackay has “Zero credibility???” – Yeah, right what a laugh!

Canada has been in Afghanistan since 2002.  That’s a long time.  Members of the Canadian Forces have done so much in the name of Canada to help the Afghan people claim their land and to be free from the oppression and brutality of the Taliban.

Eight years later, and our brave soldiers and our allies are still there.  They are there because the people of Afghanistan can’t seem to stand on their own yet.  Things are getting better, I have no doubt, having heard veterans speak of what has been done over these years and hearing them say that they want to return, to keep on.  And I respect this idea more than anything, even if I now disagree.

There was a time when I’d say Canada needs to stay until the job is done.  I can’t say that anymore.  I agreed with why we sent troops: To help bring security, stability, fairness, justice, freedom, and democracy to a country that had none.  And again while I agree with the reasoning and principles, that’s as far as I can go now.

We should leave in my opinion. I’m sick of Canadians dying for a people that don’t even care and can’t even stand up for themselves after 8 years of our peoplr doing so for them!  So while I support Canada, our troops and our ideals, I can’t justify sacrificing either for those who do not care, and those who do not stand with our heroes, as they stand with the Afghan people, and as they fight FOR them!

There is nothing so noble as standing for freedom and justice in the face of evil and oppression and that is exactly what our men and women are doing, and have done for 8 years.  For that I am thankful and forever proud, and come 2011, I’ll be even more proud to have them home.


2 Responses to Afghanistan: Just waiting for 2011!

  1. Well said, the left and the media enablers have decided to destroy any remaining support for the mission.

    They have decided to ignore the progress and limitations of the mission.

    They have chosen to highlight the loss of life for shock and gain and the alleged abuses.

    The Dion led opposition has never supported the mission and this is just one more opportunity to foist the fascist dogma from the coalition.

  2. wilson says:

    The detainee issue is very media driven.
    The opps, imo, are isolating themselves from Canadians by bunkering down with the media.

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