It’s A Climategate Christmas

h/t Kate @ SDA

Prime Minister Harper: Say NO at Copenhagen! – Al Gore is WRONG!


2 Responses to It’s A Climategate Christmas

  1. TrueWest says:

    Help me out here. Based on faith that global warming is man-made, given the raw data has been deleted, a programmed computer model that will spit out a hockey stick no matter what numbers are put in, we are to be taxed and the money handed over to Mugabe and company in the belief we are saving the planet from a meltdown which isn’t going to happen. Don’t tell me the we-makeup-our-own-reality postmodernists have won out. God help us.

  2. […] Meanwhile, here is another humourous video to laugh away your frustrations (H/T Kitchener Conservative). […]

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