Exactly whose side are they on anyway?

“Government pushed to release Afghan torture reports” — CTV

Hey Mikey, Jacko, and Gil-baby:


Not one Canadian (aside from maybe Liberal and New Democrat, or Bloc partisans) gives a crap what may or may not have happened to members of Taliban AFTER they were transferred from Canadian officials!

Michael Ignatieff is a man who just a few years ago supported torture!  What’s changed now, Ig?  Either it is okay or it isn’t.  You can’t have it both ways, buddy!  Grow a pair and tell us what you really think, Mike!

Jack Layton well, I don’t believe that CO2 is harmful to the environment as the EPA would say, but just in case, maybe he should shut his yap?  Just to be on the safe side!

Gilles Duceppe should just be content to sit back and collect his transfer payments for Quebec!  What does he care about Canada or the Canadian Forces anyway?  Is he not still the leader of the separatist Bloc Quebecois?  Maybe he’s forgotten!

But really, all digs aside.  This is a non-issue.  And people can play that “Well if you did nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about” card with me all they want but I don’t buy it.  Especially when you are acting primarily on the word of a TERRORIST to HELP other TERRORISTS while discrediting your own country and spitting in the faces of its military personnel and elected officials, calling them war criminals!

And I would think the Opposition Leaders would have enough smarts between the three of them to realize that you can’t say the Prime Minister and his Minister of Defence were complicit in torture but that the military wasn’t.  It is kind of one sided, no?  I mean, as the military would be carrying out orders from the government, so therefore, if the PM and Minister Mackay knowingly and willfully said “forget about it it” (as the Libs and NDP say), then the military would be just as guilty.

Also, if what the Liberals say about the torture is true, should they not be concerned about the possibility of blow back onto  former prime ministers Chretien and Martin along with other former ministers?  Because if I’m not mistaken, a lot of this allegedly happened while the Liberal flag was flying over Ottawa, right?

In short I’d say consider the source, and now look at the partisan games being played.  This isn’t about detainees, it is actually about the opposition parties needing a new cause to trumpet in hopes of gaining points in the polls.  But just look at the expense.  Not money, although you could argue that.  No, not money, but rather stomping on the CF, all in the name of justice…and for terrorists no less…


7 Responses to Exactly whose side are they on anyway?

  1. Rob C says:

    If this bothers Mike Jack and Gil so much they should bring down Mr. Harper’s government and then the people of Canada can tell the enemy loving three stooges to STFU

  2. gimbol says:

    They really have to be careful what they ask for.

    Suppose the government relents and says:

    “Very well, and we will include everthing back to the outset of the mission when the liberals wrote up the original transfer agreement”.

    Would Iggy suddenly have to think it over?

  3. I agree. Bring on an election!!

  4. wilson says:

    So, I avoid TorStar articles.
    Due to the headline, I thought this was just another Harper-hater,
    but in the mix, it’s about the previous Liberal government officials being under RCMP probe for
    ‘turning a blind eye on Arar being tortured’!
    And not just smacked upside the head with a shoe, real torture.

    Oh, and Gar Pardy was an official at the time!
    And the Liberal govt did ignore the torture, and Arar got paid nicely for that ignorance.

    ”…O’Connor said that, after a Canadian consular official first visited Arar in Syrian custody on Oct. 23, 2002, “it should have been apparent that Mr. Arar had likely been tortured in the preceding two weeks….”


  5. Rob C says:

    The possibility of torture, might have been tortured, allegedly torture,says he was tortured,we herd he was tortured,an associate of an associate says he was tortured. But lets not make him show proof of torture (his word is good enough for us) or hell he doesn’t even have to appear at the inquiry that has his name attached to it.Lets just give him 10 million dollars. If it was a card game I have to call “bullshit” on Arar.

  6. E Mac says:


    My sentiments exactly. This Ottawa fiasco is playing out with the opposition, however, the timeframe does mesh with the Liberals as well, so they should be very careful what they wish for.
    Ignatieff, Dosanjj and Layton, Dewar are almost fanatical wrt the detainee allegations. As for Duceppe, he is irrelevant in his little Quebec world.
    No matter what you may believe, there are few Canadians that would lose perhaps 2 or 3 microseconds of sleep over the detainee’s.
    It’s all a matter of poll numbers and yearning for political power by the opposition – nothing more!

  7. marryt says:

    I think the opposition has pushed this too far for them to admit it was a mistake. It will backfire on them big time when an election is called.
    Anyone who votes for the liberals or ndp are against our troops if they support this faux scandal re a terrorist having a shoe thrown at him 3 yrs ago.

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