Hey Libs, you screwed up…Just admit it!

So this is how the Liberal Party of Canada apologizes for photos depicting the assassination/death/detaining of the Head of Government of their own country?

A note to all viewers:

We thank all participants in this photo challenge who have submitted their entries for consideration.  Our intent was to engage Canadians concerned about the Prime Minister’s reluctance to attend the climate change conference in Copenhagen.

The photos here are created by visitors to our website, and do not always reflect the views of the Liberal Party of Canada.  Though we continue to screen submissions before posting, we have removed certain images that may have been offensive to some viewers.

We apologize for any offence these images may have caused, and continue to strive to present a progressive and dynamic web experience for our site visitors.


The Web Team

Let’s forget about the cow okay?  While distasteful, and besides the fact that it leaves a lot to interpretation, it is a far cry from what other pictures graced the Liberal Party website.

(Please note that these pictures have been removed from the Liberal Party website, but they were posted there until the media picked up on them.)

And you can say and think what you want about the severity of this issue.  However, remember, these photos weren’t funny, and they certainly weren’t a bird pooping on a politician.  They were depictions of a Prime Minister and (a well respected) leader of a well respected nation, being killed and/or physically harmed.

There was defiantly a line crossed by the Liberals in even placing such pictures on their website.  And even if they didn’t make them, they posted them on their website, and that alone makes them at least partially at fault in this.  They gave the creators of these pictures a place to publicly display their total disrespect, sick thoughts, and hatred.

A simple disclaimer and an “opps” from some person on their website doesn’t do it for me at all.  The Liberal Leader, the Leader of the Official Opposition, should have come out and personally offered a REAL apology, along with stating why this was wrong and should never be repeated.


11 Responses to Hey Libs, you screwed up…Just admit it!

  1. fernstalbert says:

    I thought Peter Donolo was brought in to cleanup the mess in Liberal Party headquarters. It would appear that he is not man enough to sweep the deadbeats out the door. Disgusting display of frat boy mentality. Cheers.

  2. Hunter says:

    Iggy is probably vacationing in Mexico/Italy/Jamaica and can not be reached.

    They are showing they have NO CLASS. PM Harper has apologized on a number of occasions, within hours. Iggy, come out of hiding, take ownership, and clearly and seriously apologize. Your anonymouse web crew do not cut it.

  3. Bec says:

    ” Your anonymouse web crew do not cut it.”

    Steve Janke was on QR 770 Breckenridge…..pull up 7pm from the archives Dec 15. He rocks on that anonymous website issue. http://www.am770chqr.com/Station/AudioVault.aspx

    That anonymous website KNEW EXACTLY what they put through and they are full of crap to say otherwise.

    The Liberals are miserable whiners. The apology is meaningless and should be absolutely made by Ignatieff.

  4. The_Iceman says:

    I still maintain that Iggy was sent by Donolo to a re-education gulag in Siberia for proper training. We can call him “The Siberian Candidate.”

  5. Pissedoff says:

    So Donolo was brought in to come up with this? He is just as bad as Kinkysella

  6. TangoJuliette says:

    Did this madness not just recently get re-booted with something like Frank McKenna calling the Conservatives a band of thugs, then suggesting that these “thugs” get hit and hit hard? Typical leftist, Librano ploy on how to deal with your enemies.

    Lie about them. [i.e.: ” . . .men, with guns, in our streets, in Canadian cities…” ]

    Minimize them.

    Marginalize them.

    Ostracize them.

    Then, then you can victimize them.
    Brutalize them. Decimate them.

    The world has long witnessed the effects of the Hit Squads of the ‘killler’ left of Beria, Kaganovich and their ilk.

    Elimination. Assassination. Liquidation.

    So — the frightening menace, from the proponents of ‘gun control,’ seems to be nothing more than a simple case of ‘put a bullet in his head,’ ‘bust a cap on his sorry ass.’ All of this lickspittle-hypocrisy brought to you by those cheerful discards, those libranoids seemingly so concerned about the possibility of ‘torture’ of detained combatants suspected of having Taliban affiliations. You know – *THOSE* people *SO* in favour of Gun Control and Gun Registries. [ most likely so that they can disarm everyone, except their friends and supporters, whenever they want to do it anytime they might ever find themselves in power somewhere in the future ]

    The left’s mindless, vicious, destructive, irrational and blindingly self-blinding visceral hatred for anyone other than followers of their doctrinaire posturing, can only naturally descend to this current sorry state; can only, naturally, arrive at a point where they would find sport and humour in portraying a deranged gunman’s assassination of a democratically-elected, western political leader.

    Only the unbalanced librano mind-set can produce this sick, twisted, new, and chilling spin with this 2009 rendition:

    “. . .OUR men . . with guns . . on everyone’s screens. We’re not fooling . . . we’re not making this up . . . we’re not allowed to. . .”

    Another classic case of: the sphincter hatband on their head proving to be just a little too tight, tragically limiting the vital circulation of a much-need, life-supporting, supply of fresh blood to their physically atrophied and morally bankrupt brain.

    In any case — we at least now know who truly has that much bandied about, menacing ‘Hidden Agenda.’

    And now, with frighteningly disappointing clarity, we all know just exactly what that heretofore ‘hidden agenda’ is really all about — where we might find it’s doctrinal origins.

    ALL appropriate heads of the guilty – on appropriate platters. TODAY!!


    t.e. & o.e.

  7. Was this worse than the Conservative website which was actually designed by the Party and not supporters showing bullet gunshots at Stephane Dion and other Liberal MPs? No apology from the Conservatives for that and that was up for weeks, not minutes.

    The faux outrage over this stupid kids mistake is such an obvious attempt at changing the channel from Harper’s contempt of Parliament and his embarrassment on the world stage in Copenhagen.

  8. Skuleman says:

    Iggy’s not in hiding. He’s at a job interview at Harvard 🙂

  9. Durward says:

    How is Harper riding a nuke about to hit ground zero and presumably kill whoever is below OK?
    The one on Communists is funny just because of the irony of here it comes from.

  10. Durward says:

    Old School Liberal.
    Want to expand on how poking holes in someone’s policies relates to offing the PM?
    Need we bring up the gun fired AT viewers?
    Soldiers in the Streets?
    PS. the picture of the PM riding a nuke to someones ultimate death is sick too.
    Liberalism, no no we should not call it that because by definition no one in the liberal party is a liberal, lets be honest for a change, the socialists and globalists that make up the liberal party do not know right from wrong, it is very apparent that their ideology has corrupted their conscience to such a point that even life and death are not polar opposites but mutually interchangeable for political purposes, pro choice= pro death, call it what it is death by convenience, multi cult= no discernible culture. Utopia=totalitarian government. Save the planet=wealth redistribution, loss of sovereignty and starving the third world.
    Sick bunch you lot.

  11. Who knew Conservatives have such thin skins that they need to rage/faux rage for days about some kid photoshopping a photo and it being posted for about half an hour on a website.

    I’m with <a href="http://www2.macleans.ca/2009/12/16/hint-lol-doesnt-stand-for-liberal-opposition-leader/"Colby Cosh on this one and how the faux outrage is a “grotestque farce”.

    Certainly no Liberal, Cosh is most worried about the effect on our editorial cartoonists. Will they eventually be forbidden and censored by conservatives and not allowed to draw politicians with knives sticking out of their backs? (It’s a direct reference to assassination! How dare you?)

    Talk about weak weak weak attempt to change the channel from Harper’s contempt of Parliament (ignoring the will of the majority of our elected reps, shutting down committees for doing the job he said they should do, threatening to suspend Parliament just to avoid accountability, etc.), the latest damaging Colvin statement, the Copenhagen embarrassment, etc.

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